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You heard/read right, I, SquirelFeed, am a voice actor and I love the happiness I can bring to others by doing what I do.  I offer prices that seem to be low, and a look at the human behind the words.  My commitment to that human authenticity, my willingness to lay myself bare, stems from the fact that, while they work, many pages for professionals feel the same.  After a while spent by me looking through many pages for other, more well-known, voice over artists my search became drab and things started to look the same to the point of exhaustion.
Oh, and sorry that my website's not fully done yet.  I think it never truly will be.  Pages have not been locked, or hidden from view, because I value sharing this phase of my adventure with you.  Any feedback you may have helps, as I have no idea what I'm "supposed" to be saying and doing with this site to market myself aside from being, well, myself.

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